Tips to Help Calm Anxiety

11December 2019

Calm Anxiety with Positive Thoughts

  • Positive Thinking Activities to Calm Anxiety
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Look for Evidence
  • Get a Broader Perspective
  • Work on Solutions

If you are a natural worrier or if your anxious thoughts are what drive your decisions and actions, then it is time for an attitude makeover.


Negative and fearful thoughts have the power to take over your life and prevent you from realising your dreams or become the best version of yourself.

So, if you want to calm that anxiety and push past those fears, then positive thinking is for you.


Positive Thinking Activities to Calm Anxiety


Try this positive thinking strategy the next time you are plagued with worry.

Instead of assuming that your anxious thoughts are facts, think of them as guesses. Your brain thinks it is being helpful by predicting what will happen, which “helps” you prepare for what is coming.

But our minds are not so great at predicting a lot of the time, so these thoughts are just guesses, and they have not happened yet.

When your brain starts trying to convince you that something terrible is coming, decide that this is just one of those times your mind is guessing wrong, and choose not to listen.


Practice Mindfulness




Another helpful positive thinking strategy is to learn to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of simply observing your thoughts rather than automatically reacting to them. You learn to focus your mind on the present so that you can watch as those anxious thoughts float through without stopping and taking hold.

Mindfulness is an excellent practice for reducing stress and learning to focus on more positive thoughts, and it can help a great deal with anxiety.


Look for Evidence


Another positive thinking strategy you can use to squash anxious thinking is to look for evidence to support your worries.

Is this something that is really happening, or are you just reinforcing a fear with your mind?

Look around you and ask yourself, “What evidence do I have to support that this is happening or might happen?”

You should also look for evidence to the contrary. For example, if you are worried about messing up at your new job, ask yourself how many times in your life you have done such a thing. When was the last time you really screwed things up at work?

Once you realise that your fears are unwarranted, you can better handle moving on from them.


Get a Broader Perspective


When you find yourself going down a rabbit hole of worry, stop, and look at the whole picture.

Anxiety gives you tunnel vision, so use positive thinking to open your field and look more broadly at your life and circumstances.

What are the good things that are also happening?

How important is this thing you are so concerned about, and what if it actually turned out okay?

Will you still care about the outcome of this problem in a year? Five years?

Putting your situation into a broader context helps you realise the positive things you have going for you rather than focus solely on the negative.


Work on Solutions


One of the most positive things you can do is to stop worrying about a problem and instead focus on solving it.

Instead of feeding the anxiety monster within, turn to your positive thoughts and get moving toward a solution.

If it helps, get up and move around or go to a different location to break your cycle of thoughts.

Moving often gives you a different perspective. But, do not just sit around and worry; use your energy to focus on doing something productive to move you forward.


So, if you want to calm that anxiety and push past those fears, then positive thinking is for you



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