How Optimism Can Open Up New Possibilities

17December 2019

How Optimism Can Improve Any Bad Situation




  • So, you lost your only ATM card while on holiday?
  • You are stuck in traffic and late to an important meeting?
  • You lost your job?
  • You just found out that you have a serious illness?

All of these are bad situations (some seriously bad).

But they do not have to remain that way unless your mindset says it does.

Having an optimistic outlook can help improve even the worst situations and allow you to find the silver lining in everything.


Understanding Optimism


To understand how optimism can improve bad situations in your life, we need to know what we mean by optimistic thinking.

Optimism is thinking positively and being hopeful while having confidence that the future will include success and happiness.

Optimism is not about always smiling or having some charmed life where nothing bad ever happens.

Instead, it is an outlook that realises that, even in the face of hard times, things will eventually get better, the future holds promise, and you have the inner strength to get through anything with grace and dignity.


Being optimistic requires a generally positive attitude as well as the ability to believe in things that have yet to come true.

It requires resilience to persevere during challenging times, and you must have confidence in your abilities to keep going when faced with setbacks.

Just like learning to think more positively, it is possible to develop a more optimistic outlook on life and to learn to be more hopeful about the future.


Improving a Bad Situation with Optimism


Being an optimist means you can always see the good in any situation, no matter how difficult.

Below are some examples of how an optimistic outlook can transform something negative into a more positive outcome.

This type of perspective is necessary if you want to weather the storms of life with more success.


There is Always Something to Learn


An optimistic attitude realises that there are no failures in life; there are only learning opportunities.

When things do not go your way, your optimistic outlook will help you see that you can learn a great deal from your setbacks or failures that you can apply to future endeavours.

No matter the situation, you can always learn something that can help you grow and become a better or stronger person with more skills or knowledge for your next attempt.


It’s Happening “For” You, Not “To You


Our tendency when things go wrong is to think of all the bad things that are happening to us, but an optimistic outlook helps us interpret challenges as possibilities.

If, for example, you lose your job, your optimist outlook can help you turn this situation around by realising you have been given an opportunity to try something new or to extend your skills in other areas.

When you have a more optimistic mindset, you see everything as a chance to grow or learn rather than just taking what life hands you and accepting it as your new reality.


You Learn to Understand New Views and Ideas


When you encounter people or situations that are not what you expected, your optimistic approach to life helps you see that you can gain a lot from other people or perspectives.

Optimism means you are open to new things, adventures, and calculated risks.

You remain willing to explore possibilities, which then gives you more chances to make your dreams come true.

Instead of saying “no” to something because it is unfamiliar or scary, saying “yes” could lead you to magnificent, new things.


You Have Chances to Try Again


Those with an optimistic attitude see failure as a fresh start.

They realise that the status quo keeps is stuck in our daily lives, but when we are forced into a new reality, whether through our own choices or life’s condition, that any shakeup is a chance to try something completely different.

Many of the most successful people in the world transformed their lives into greatness after significant setbacks.

And so can you.


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