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Promote Your Business With A Premium Featured Listing


A Premium Featured Listing immediately brings attention to your business and directs visitors to your website, social media pages, or offers by leveraging our website traffic through the Home Page and Listings section.



You are guaranteed a place on the Home Page and your Featured Listing will also be displayed in the Listings Section of your chosen category.


  • Business Description up to 1,000 characters
  • Option to add additional company information
  • Your company logo
  • Your Business Hours
  • A video
  • Image Slide Show

Featured Listing Rates for 2019/20:

£297 per Listing for 1 year.

£39 per Listing per Month.

Your Featured Premium Listing will be displayed on the Home Page and all of the website listing pages.

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Get A Premium Featured Listing?

For more information see our featured listings and advertising pages. 

Premium Featured Listings include your Business Description, Email, Logo, Video and Image Slideshow.

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