Can’t Sleep At Night? Improve Your Sleep Through Positive Thinking

31January 2020

Positive Thoughts for Improved Sleep


Just as your mindset can affect your actions and emotions during your waking hours, your ability to think positively can also influence your ability to sleep well at night.

Anyone who has suffered from occasional or chronic insomnia knows that those seemingly endless hours of no sleep can turn quickly into a downward spiral of negative thinking.

But, using positivity could be the answer to getting to sleep faster and enjoying more restful slumber.


How Your Thoughts Influence Sleep

Researchers have been investigating the use of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to help treat sleep disorders, and they are finding that, by controlling your thoughts and focusing on positive thinking, you can improve disrupted sleep and feel more rested in the morning.

CBT is a type of treatment that teaches you how to restructure your thinking to alter your actions.

One of the central tenets of this approach to therapy is to reframe negative thinking, as this outlook can become a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to sleep.

If you are having trouble falling asleep, for example, and all you are thinking about is how your poor sleep tonight is going to make for a miserable day tomorrow, then these thoughts alone will keep you awake longer.

If instead, you change those thoughts to focus on more positive ways of approaching the problem, you are more likely to fall asleep. So go on try to improve your sleep with positive thinking.

You WILL fall asleep.

You can function well on less sleep, so you do not need to worry about it tonight. You usually get plenty of rest, and one night is not the end of the world.

Reframing your thoughts like this can remove the stress and anxiety that is only making your sleep problems worse.


Ways to Improve Your Sleep Through Positive Thinking


Whether you have chronic problems getting to sleep or only suffer from sleep disorders from time to time, there are many ways you can get better sleep and enjoy fewer restless nights.

When you have more positive thoughts during the day, you are less likely to feel stressed out, which is a leading contributor to sleep problems.

Thinking positively can also help to rid your mind of worries about problems in your life.

When you feel good about your abilities to tackle obstacles and devise solutions to ongoing issues, you will be less likely to lie away at night and focus on these stressors.

When you spend time during the day worrying about and having negative thoughts about sleep, this can also affect you at night.


Instead of thinking about how hard it is going to be to fall asleep tonight, or what tomorrow will be like if you do not get some sleep, instead focus on thinking positive thoughts about sleep.

“Sleep is effortless and peaceful,” is a popular mantra for those with insomnia.

Repeating this several times throughout the day and doing this every day until your sleep issues resolve can be extremely helpful in adding hours to your sleep routine each night.


As a part of your bedtime routine, you should also practice deep breathing exercises that relax you and lower your stress.

While you are breathing, think positive thoughts or conjure images of your favourite place.

Visualising yourself as relaxed and at peace in a beautiful location can have a profound influence on your body as well as your mind and help you to fall asleep faster.


Final Thoughts

Your thoughts have a considerable influence over your sleep patterns, so learning to banish negative thoughts, especially at bedtime or about sleep, is vital for overcoming sleep disorders of any kind.

Remember, you can improve your sleep with positive thinking.

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