Boost your motivation with positive thinking

15January 2020

Mindset,  Motivation and Positive Thinking


Your motivation is your reason for doing something or trying to achieve a specific goal. And over time, motivation can either be what keeps you going or what fades away, making you return to old habits. Motivation begins in our reasons for wanting to do something, but it also is dependent on several factors, including our mindset about ourselves and our goal.

Understanding Motivation

Motivation is what keeps you going, whether things are good or not-so-great.

Motivation comes from the word “motive,” which is a need that you have that needs to be satisfied.

Your motivation may come from influences of society, role models, culture, or your innate beliefs, but they guide your desire to accomplish a goal, despite the difficulties or obstacles you may face in achieving it.

Your motivation is what causes you to repeat a behaviour.

Connecting Positive Thinking and Motivation

When trying to motivate yourself to do things that are hard, tedious, or that are meant to help you develop new habits, you need positive thinking, if you want to keep at it.

A positive mindset enables you to identify the benefit you will get by staying the course.

Positive thinking helps you clarify what you want by connecting it to what is important to you and your beliefs.

If your actions are not aligned with your internal compass, then it is hard to stay motivated to do anything.

The Power to Choose

Positive thinking helps you see that you have the power to choose and to be anything you want in the world.

And identifying why you want something is crucial, and this reason must be strong enough to carry you down the path until you reach your goal.

Use your positive thoughts to help you understand your “why” before you begin.

Setbacks are Temporary

  • Positive thinking also helps you out when trouble strikes (which it will).
  • Those with a more positive outlook see that setbacks are temporary and that every problem has a solution.
  • You can use your positive mindset to see you through failures and past obstacles, motivated you to keep trying or to even start over when necessary.
  • You can use other positive thinking technique to motivate you, as well.
  • Visuals not only can keep you thinking positively but they are great tools for motivation. If you are trying to lose weight, posting pictures of yourself at a smaller size around your house can remind you that you can reach this goal.
  • You can even create a vision board, using distinct images to represent the various aspects of your life, that reminds you of your dream life.
  • Images are powerful and positive messages for the brain, and it keeps you motivated to stay focused.

Motivation, combined with positive thinking, keeps you motivated by helping you to face and overcome the fears that are holding you back, as well.

Often, the subconscious is guided by concerns that we may not even be aware of, including fear of being alone, fear of failure, fear of people finding out you are a “fraud,” and fear of missing out.
Positive thinking can help you see your actual reality and circumstances more clearly, which can eliminate or lessen these fears that often derail your progress toward your goals.

Final Thoughts on Motivation and Positive Thinking

Using positive thinking can boost your motivation to help you take control of the things in your life that are within your ability to change.

Positive thinking also allows you to stop worrying about those things you cannot control, which frees up your motivation to focus on making progress toward your goals.

Emotionally, positive thinking gives you the energy to stay focused and motivated toward your goal, which means you are more likely to succeed.



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