5 Ways Positive Thinking Improves You

28October 2019

We all need a little help when it comes to personal growth and development

And while it may seem that achieving your dreams could be best accomplished through discipline and time management, you may be surprised to learn that, if you really want to grow as a person, the best thing you can do is to change your attitude.

Positive thinking is not just a way to improve your emotional health

It is a way to get ahead at work, feel better physically, and even live a longer life. There are five ways that positive thinking can make you a better you.


1. Positive Thinking Helps You Cope Better with Stress

When you are faced with something stressful, you are more likely to cope with stress better if you are a positive thinker than if you are a pessimist.

Positive thinking helps you focus on solutions rather than getting mired in negative emotions.

Positive thinkers tend to believe that the situation will eventually be resolved, which leads to less worry and anxiety.

Positive thinkers understand the importance of focusing on those things they can control, and the know-how to leverage resources to help them, as well.

2. Positive Thinking Improves Your Health

If you want to improve yourself, starting with your health is important. Positive thinking is not just something that affects your mind, either. It also influences your body.

Because you can cope better with stress using positive thoughts, your immunity will be higher, which has an enormous impact on your well-being.

Those who tend to think more positively have better cardiovascular health, less depression, and live longer due to these enhanced physical health benefits.

Those who think positively are much more likely to engage in healthy habits, including eating well and getting enough exercise and sleep, which also improves your health.

3. Positive Thinking Makes You More Resilient

When you think positively in an adverse situation, you can better handle the problems you face.

Being positive helps you to be more resilient or bounce back after setbacks and failures.

Positive thinking helps you find solutions for tough issues, makes it more likely you will stick with it until you come up with an answer, and that you will not allow one obstacle interfere with all aspects of your life.

This is even true in the face of real tragedy, such as after a death, natural disaster, or terrorist event.

Those with a more positive outlook manage their emotions more effectively, cope with their feelings in more productive ways, and eventually find ways to learn and grow from the sad and tragic events of their lives.


4. Positive Thinking Leads to Great Levels of Success

Those who are more positive in their mindsets are much more likely to succeed in whatever endeavours they strive for in their lives.

Positive people see more opportunities or possibilities than those with a pessimistic outlook.

Positivity makes you more open to continued learning and growth throughout your life, and you are more like to take risks or try new things with a positive mindset.

Positive people are also better liked and respected, which can lead to career advancement and promotion over those with a more pessimistic approach to life.

5. Positive Thinking Helps You Live Longer

Those with a more positive approach to life are more likely to live longer, as well.

Positivity helps you better fight disease, stave off the effects of mental illnesses like depression, and to take better care of themselves, which prolongs their lives.

Several studies have examined the influence of mindset and longevity and shown strong correlation between positivity and living longer.



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